Broadway World Interview: Meet Nikita Burshteyn, Bay Area's Rising Star Sets Sights on Broadway 

Romeo in "Romeo and Bernadette"

"Burshteyn has a wide range and is perfect as our leading man." -

Jack Kelly in "Newsies"

"Watch for Burshteyn in the future. It's only a matter of time before he finds his way to Broadway!"


Curly in "OKLAHOMA"

"There is no doubt how stunning the day is with Burshteyn singing “I've got a beautiful feelin" -

Gene in "Saturday Night" 

"Nikita Burshteyn oozes with charisma." -

Nikita Burshteyn in "LIVIN' NIKITA LOCA" 

"Has a full-throated voice when singing and flawless vocal phrasing when belting out a song. His voice reminds me of Jonathan Groff's or that of a young Anthony Rapp." -

Jean-Michel in "LA CAGE AUX FOLLES"

"As the couple’s adored son, Jean Michel, the good-looking Nikita Burshteyn demonstrates Broadway-level musical comedy chops." -

Billy in "42nd Street"

"Nikita Burshteyn is fantastic as Billy Lawlor, has superb vocal cords, and is awesome on the tap dances."


Drew in "ROCK OF AGES"

"Burshteyn brings a touching earnestness to Drew, and he sings the songs like he means them." 


Bobby in "URINETOWN"

"Nikita Burshteyn plays Bobby Strong, the strapping rebel. Burshteyn performs at Broadway caliber; stunning us with his beautiful tenor voice and wonderful comedic timing. Burshteyn’s performance is near perfection, and he makes the show for me." -


"Burshteyn’s powerful, driven voice is a pure delivery that hits incredible high notes and holds them with passionate conviction." -


"With Tom Cruise-good looks and an angelic voice, Nikita Burshteyn is the real deal. The instant he comes on stage and starts to sing, the audience knows he has that indefinable something special that could — and should — translate into a solid future in theater. He’s a natural actor as well as star-quality singer, and not too shabby in the dancing department, either." -


"I have never seen, nor do I think I will ever see a better performance of Judas. This show should be renamed Nikita Burshteyn Superstar.  Nikita Burshteyn is something that every theatre lover should see(...)the theatre should be filled with talent agents waiting to give Nikita Burshteyn an offer."-


"Nikita Burshteyn is soulfully doting as Marius…"- San Jose Mercury News

Frank Abagnale Jr. in "CATCH ME IF YOU CAN"

"Frank Abagnale Jr. -- charmingly played by Nikita Burshteyn, who has enough talent and presence to light up the amphitheater single-handedly." - San Jose Mercury News


"His voice was absolutely amazing as he turns on his romantic side in "Perfect for You" (Reprise) that just melts your heart"-